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Private Bus Transport Service & Bus Charter

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No matter the event or occasion, A&S Transportation can provide you with charter bus rental solutions anywhere in Singapore.

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Whether it is ferrying workers to sites or providing shuttle bus service between factories and MRT stations, we have the right buses to serve your needs.

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We provide private bus charter to school events and places of interest. Our top priority is passenger safety; our buses are equipped with seat belts and all drivers are trained on safety procedures.

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Take a tour of Malaysia in our luxury coaches. City sightseeing tours for Singapore are also available.


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From shuttle service from office to factory, to sightseeing bus tours in Malaysia, we have the right bus to cover your needs.
Let us know your transportation requirements, and we will propose a suitable transport solutions.

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Why Choose A&S Transportation?

Who doesn’t want to travel comfortably and hassle-free? That’s what we thought. We have the best solution to your transportation needs in Singapore! Whether you are planning to take your team out-of-town or to a team building event, we offer private bus services at competitive rates!

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At A&S Transportation, we strive to make things simple for you. Just tell us how many people we need to transport and where you plan to go, and then you’re all set. Our driver will pick up your team; everyone just needs to sit back and enjoy the ride until you reach the destination. It’s that simple! But with so many transportation companies available in Singapore, you might wonder what makes us different from the rest.

So, why should you choose us? The answers are pretty simple!

Several Fleets

We can offer you a vehicle that suits your group size and transportation needs. Our wide selection of vehicles, ranging from minibuses to full-size passenger buses, enable us to accommodate groups as small as 10 people. Our 40 seater buses come with spacious interiors and plenty of legroom with fully cushioned, adjustable chairs and secured compartments. For small groups, our 10 or 19 seater buses are the best options. Whether as a tour bus or a charter bus, you will have a comfortable ride all throughout the trip. We are also committed to providing comfortable and convenient transport to our wheelchair bound passengers. Our fleets feature automated wheelchair ramps to allow them to board and alight with comfort and convenience.

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User-Friendly Pricing

Price is usually a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing an operator for bus transport in Singapore. At A&S Transportation, we offer user-friendly pricing systems to match our customer’s budget. Most customers look for high-quality vehicles at affordable rates, and we are proud to have budget-friendly rates for our buses. Some transport companies offer cheap pricings but customers are at risk of unpredictable and inconsistent service. Always remember the saying “You get what you pay for.” With our competitive rates and excellent quality vehicles, we can assure our clients that they will have a comfortable experience without shelling out a huge amount of cash.

Uniformed and Trained Drivers

Wearing a uniform is part of our initiative to offer exceptional customer service. We require our drivers to wear a uniform so they will look neat and tidy while driving you and your team to your destination. If our drivers look rugged, our customers might feel uncomfortable when talking to them. Uniforms make our drivers look more professional in their field.

Aside from looking pleasant, our drivers are also trained to high standards to make sure travelling experiences are safe and enjoyable. Our skilled drivers play a big role in helping us meet our goal – to offer unparalleled service and customer satisfaction.

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Regular Maintenance

Safety is our top priority, and what better way to ensure our passengers’ safety than conducting regular maintenance on our vehicles. Our fleets are regularly maintained to make sure that every part is functioning properly and to prevent potential vehicle problems. We employ professional mechanics to inspect our vehicles and report any symptoms of problems that can affect the travel experiences of our passengers. If there are any issues, we invest in high-quality products and parts to make sure the vehicle is properly repaired. Through our regular maintenance, we take pride in providing exceptional private bus services in Singapore.