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Private bus service Singapore


Companies and organisations often resort to engaging bus charter companies or private bus services in Singapore to help with the transportation of a large amount of people, especially for events and company functions as large groups often find it hard to move around together in crowded, fast paces Singapore.

Private bus servicesare often used for many reasons. For example,many companies arrange private bus services in Singapore to pick employees up from specific locations, so that travelling to and fro between work and home becomes more convenient and less difficult for employees. These transport services also help reduce the travelling time needed by employees, especially to certain industrial areas that tend to be very hard to get to.

Schools in Singapore do also often opt to hire private bus services in Singapore as buses allow students to be moved from one venue to another together. And they’re often also the easiest way to ensure that no student, especially young students, gets lost or separated from the group.


Chartering buses makes it faster and more convenient for schools to bring students out on field trips and excursions, which in turn makes it easier for teachers to plan activities that will interest students to learn outside of the classroom and think out of the box. These are good for both the school and the students, as students get more exposure, while schools find it easier to bring their kids out of the classrooms.

While older students, such as those in polytechnics or universities, are definitelyt capable of moving from place to place by themselves, many of these tertiary schools often do also opt for private buses, especially when it comes to moving sports teams between schools for competitions or sports meets. These buses come in handy while teams are travelling as it’s easier to ensure that everyone is present, and that all equipment and supplies can be moved easily. These private buses also save time for everyone involved as students tend to finish school quite late, as such, chartered buses ensure that students don’t have to leave classes early, or that the students have time to eat and train before leaving.

Private bus services in Singapore also provide school bus services for younger children. These buses pick up students from an assigned spot near their homes, and drive them safely to school and back. Such bus services are hired by the school, and are often used by parents who are unable to send their kids to school due to various reasons.

Of course, when choosing private bus services in Singapore, or choosing to engage a Singaporean private bus service company, reliability and punctuality are important factors to take into consideration. Well trained, experienced drivers are also important, especially when choosing bus operators for young children, who might be active and hard to keep in check on a moving bus.


A&S Transport boasts a fleet of buses of varying sizes and sitting capacity, to best fit your every need. Our buses are well maintained and kept clean, and our drivers are well trained and uniformed so they can be easily recognised. We have had many years of experience in this industry, and have left many of our customers satisfied and happy!

So if you’re looking for private bus services in Singapore, contact us here at A&S Transport today, and we’ll find a transport solution to fit your needs!