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What role can a private bus service play in regard to bus transportation

The bus transport service in Singapore in the 50s and the 60s were in a mess. The services and safety standards rendered were under par. The ownership of the bus transport service in Singapore was in the hands of some small and fragmented private bus service operators. Some nearly went bankrupt.

Private bus transport service available for rental and charter

Today, the bus transport service in Singapore is the most affordable, enjoyable and convenient way to get around in Singapore. The bus services complement the MRT in bringing people to almost anywhere in Singapore.

However, buses and train just simply could not go anywhere, all the time, due to its inconvenience, inefficiency or other shortcomings.

A & S Transportation – A private bus service provider

This gave rise to the growing numbers of private bus service companies in Singapore. What is great about private bus service is that it can help fulfill a role in bus transporation in Singapore. Ultimately, this is good for most people, because it eases congestion, reduces emissions and offer convenience to commuters.

Also, these private bus services will eventually find and fill gaps and inefficiency in MRT or public bus transport, at a price fair to the commuters.

What are the types of private bus service for hire in Singapore? They include private hire buses, bus charter, excursion buses, and school buses.

Sometimes, transportation for group outing for any occasions can be a headached.

The seemingly impossible task of getting several people to the same location in a timely manner can often cause unnecessary stress for everyone involved.

However, bus charter has its benefits. They provide:-

1) Comfort and convenience

2) Offer point to point bus service

3) You can choose a bus charter with a multitude of amenities, including reclining seats, adjustable foot rests, restrooms, individual reading lights, carry-on storage and more. All charter buses are fully climate-controlled, many with fans or temperature adjustment devices for every seat. Built with heavy duty shocks and automatic suspensions, charter buses offer a superior ride compared to even the finest of luxury automobiles.

4) Avoid loss of time associated with multiple stops and waiting for other group members to arrive

The solution for group transportation is to source for a bus charter to fulfill this need. This is the easy way to travel.