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What give rise to the growing private bus service in Singapore

At the time of independence, Singapore’s bus services were provided by multiple small Singapore private bus service company. The market was highly fragmented, and both service and safety standards were low. The cut-throat competition by the Singapore private bus service companies led to poor service (due to cherrypicking of profitable routes), a lack of integration and network economies eventually resulting in the near bankruptcy of many of these private bus service companies.

Private buses for hire in Singapore

To cater to different segments of the public and their needs, the government began to facilitate and regulate a range of laws to the private bus services in Singapore. Today, taking a bus ride has always been the most affordable way to get around in Singapore. On average, commuters take over three million rides each day using more than 300 bus services covering all parts of the island.

A fleet of buses owned by a Singapore private bus service company

Riding a bus in Singapore offers one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore the island’s favorite tourist destinations. The bus services complement the MRT in bringing you to practically any corner of the island. All the buses are air-conditioned for the comfort of passengers.

However, buses and trains simply cannot go everywhere, all the time. That’s where the private sector comes in. That gave rise to a cottage industry of private bus service in Singapore.

What’s great about these private bus service is that they offer public transit solutions for people who would not normally take MRT or public buses—places where it’s inconvenient, inefficient, or overly stigmatized. And this, ultimately, is good for everyone, because it eases congestion, reduces emissions and generally makes life better for all of us. Also, these private bus services find and fill gaps and inefficiency in MRT or public bus transport, at a price point matching customer needs.

What are th types of private bus service for hire in Singapore? They include private hire buses, private buses, excursion buses, and school buses.

1) A private hire bus can be used to ferry adult workers between their home and work, or chartered for other purposes. It may also be used to convey school children and school staff to and from schools.

2) Private bus

A private bus is meant for the ferrying of employees of the bus owner or people linked to the business at no profit.

3) Excursions bus

An excursion bus is used for carrying tourists and can be used on unscheduled services where passengers are charged separate and distinct fares. It may also be used to ferry adult workers and school children to and from their home and work place/school, and may also be used for chartering purposes.

4) School bus

A school bus is hired under a contract to convey school children and school staff to and from schools. However, it may not be used to convey tourists as a private bus service.