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Get the Perfect Bus Charter for Any Occasion

Between weddings, excursion trips, corporate gala dinners and other festive happenings, bus charter services certainly cover the waterfront.As we open our doors to the arrival of the events peak season, chartering a bus may not be as easy as it seems.This is why it is important for us as customers to, as a rule of thumb, identify what we need and what services we require in order to find the charter service that can best cater to our unique requests.

Professional bus charter services in Singapore are well suited for a variety of occasions and trips. From the road tested years of experience, here are some suggestions for your next event.

bus charter services in Singapore
Staff Transport

If you are attending a corporate event, charter buses like the city bus are a great option for your transportation needs. Unlike all-seated coaches, a city bus has legal standing capacity,so more passengers can climb onboard. The decks of city buses have also been lowered to facilitate convenience in passengers’ boarding and alighting.

Tours &Excursions

Excursions are a lot of fun – and the traveling journey should be too. You probably do not want to be crammed up on board a minibus or a van on such long haul trips. Even if it means cutting costs, it does not do much for the comfort of the passengers and their traveling experience. Be it a 10 seater, 19 seater or 40 seater; engage the bus charter that has the adequate seating capacity needed to provide a safe and pleasant journey.

Airport Shuttling Services

For shuttling services to and from the airport – the 40 seater coach is a great choice. With fully cushioned, adjustable seats with ample leg room, it provides your guests a comfortable travel experience. The 40 seater coach also houses several spacious and fully enclosed luggage compartments, so you can rest assured that your luggage is securely stowed away.

Handicapped Passengers 

a bus charter service
For wheelchair-bound passengers, bus charters are committed to providing the very best traveling experience on the road.  Fitted with automated wheelchair rampsand safety restraint systems, passengers can climb on board the specially equipped minibus with comfort and ease. 

Additional Considerations

The process of hiring a bus charter service should be carefully looked into in order to find the one that will best serve your needs. This brings us to consider not only the nature and magnitude of the event, but also the longevity of travel.

Consider this – a shuttle service that ferries passengers from one point to another on board a bus with a small seating capacity. If the duration of the ride is not unreasonably long, hiring a bigger charter bus might not be necessary; but if the destination is an hour’s drive away, it might be best to charter a bigger bus. Though ultimately, the safety and comfort of your passengers must be taken into first priority and these should not be compromised.

Bus charter companies
Bus charter companies house an expansive fleet of charter buses – from deluxe motor coaches, towering double deckers to the charmingly humble mini buses. Select the charter company that can tailor to your needs and provide you with the best and most pleasant travel experience as you hit the road.