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What does it cost to charter a bus in Singapore

Ina large group outing for any occasions or event, transportation requirements can be somewhat of a nightmare. The solution for this is to charter a bus to ferry these people to the event location. The Singapore bus charter company can provide the perfect transportation solution to suit your needs for any type of event.

Charter a high deck coach from A & S Transportation

Budgeting and planning are the foremost steps when you want to chartera bus for any occasion or event. Some of the key factors to consider to charter a bus include: seasonal availability, total trip distance, required equipment, and specific bus amenities (WiFi, restrooms, PA system, etc.). How much does it cost to charter a bus depends on the type of bus that you need. The rates are not fixed and it varies depending on the season and day of the week, not forgetting charges like sales tax, fuel charges, tolls, parking, ERP and others.

The Singapore bus charter company will match the right vehicle to suit your needs and surprisingly,  to charter a bus for a whole group of people is more economical and more convenient than if they were to travel individually to the designated location for the event.

In the early days of Singapore, the bus transport service in Singapore were provided by some small private bus service company. The bus transport service in Singapore then was  highly fragmented, and both service and safety standards were low. Due to strong competition, poor service and lack of integration and network economies, many of the bus operators nearly went bankrupt.

A fleet of highly maintained and clean coaches for charter and rental

To cater to different segments of the public and their needs, the government step in to facilitate and regulate the bus transport service in Singapore.

Today, taking a bus ride has always been the most affordable, enjoyable and convenient way to get around in Singapore. On average, commuters take over three million rides each day using more than 300 bus services covering all parts of the island. The bus services complement the MRT in bringing you to practically any corner of the island. All the buses are air-conditioned for the comfort of passengers.

Charter a bus in Singapore allows multiple travellers to enjoy the ride and experienced the comfort and convenience of travelling while someone else keeps an eye on the road.  So for any future event for large group outings, charter a bus will offer a smooth and affordable transport solution for you.