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Charter a bus to suit your needs

Bus transport forms a significant part of public transportation in Singapore. Private bus service comprises of private hire buses, Singapore charter bus service, excursion buses and school buses. The private bus service helps to fill gaps and inefficiency in public bus transport and MRT in easing congestion to commuters. Whatever your transport  requirements are, the bus transport company in Singapore will be able to fulfill your needs.

A few buses for charter from a bus transport company in Singapore

There are many private bus transport company in Singapore that provide a range of bus transportation services such as:-

1) Singapore bus charter service  – No matter the event or occasion, can provide you with charter bus rental solutions anywhere in Singapore.

A smaller bus for rental to suit the needs for transportation

2) Staff transport – Ferrying workers to work-sites or providing shuttle bus service between factories/office and MRT stations.

3) School excursions – For  school events and places of interest.

4) Bus tours – Take a tour of Malaysia or city sightseeing tours in Singapore

5) Ad hoc service – open services for any transport requirements

Group outings can be a transportation nightmare because you need to find transportation that will be able to accommodate the whole travelling party. Bus charter in Singapore fulfills that specific need. Singapore bus charter service offer point to point bus service to and from almost any location. Some even offer multiple pick-up and drop off points for added convenience.

There are many benefits of bus charter in Singapore:-

1) Very convenient to travel

You don’t have to worry about driving, carpooling, keeping track of everyone, getting gas, or parking. Just show up at your designated meeting point and get on board.

2) Environmentally friendly

Each full coach can potentially remove 55 vehicles from the highway. This cuts congestion, energy use, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

3) Lesser cost

More economical than if they were to travel individually to the designated location for the event.

4) More comfortable

Staying in your car for a long trip can lead to cramped legs and no space to stretch out. Charter buses offer enough leg and arm room for a comfortable ride.

5) Can go anywhere

Singapore bus charter service can go anywhere you choose.

6) Avoid loss of time associated with multiple stops and waiting for other group members to arrive