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The Best of Singapore’s Bus Charters

Practical, convenient and economical – all attributes that have come to grow synonymous with bus charter services. Amidst mileage and accommodation concerns, the transportation of large groups of people has always seemed terribly daunting.

Whatever the need, event or occasion, bus charter services have certainly got you covered. From the humble to the glamorous, there are charter services aplenty catered to every unique party. Onboard the chatter and comfort of a charter bus, it ships you off in a jiffy to the conference hall, school or even the most picturesque spots in town.


With scores of bus charters around, having to sieve out the best may seem just about as daunting as the arrangement itself. So what is it that we should look out for in our search for the best one?

Safety First

The importance of safety across all facets cannot be understated; yet it appears to be an aspect that is easily overlooked. When choosing a bus charter service, the foremost thing to look out for is their regard for safety proceedings and measures. Every charter bus should be properly licensed and have functioning seat belts built into all of its seats.

Regular servicing and maintenance is also another key aspect of safety. Before booking a reservation with a chosen company, check on the schedules of maintenance and repairs of their fleet with them. This will ensure no faulty equipment in and around the charter bus and avoid the unfortunate occurrence of discrepancies or delays as you hit the road.

In Good Time

Next to safety, punctuality of the drivers should be held to the strictest standards. Read up on some customer reviews or feedback online to see if their employees are always on the dot. With big scale events involving large groups, time is definitely of the essence. No client wants to arrive late to an event or appear tardy, so ensure that the charter service you are employing is unfailingly punctual.

Trained Employees

A trained and qualified workforce is a prerequisite of any respectable charter company. Verify that all the employees of the company are professionally trained, and are continually attending refresher courses. Every driver should also have all the necessary licensing; no one wants to be in a situation where their driver is incompetent on the road, gets lost or is negligent and forces an accident.

Price Check

Many charter companies charge either by the mile or by the hour. Make sure you know what their pricing structure is like to avoid surprises from unexpected charges that are out of your budget. It is also good to check if there are any hidden costs; find out if things like ERP expenses will be absorbed by the company or if they will have to be forked out of your own pocket.

Going the Extra Mile

With the many bus charter companies in Singapore flooding the market, sometimes it is best to just strip it down to the simple stuff. Things like customer service, rapport building, and the genuine interest & dedication in doing business – giving you as a customer their very best – can be a defining selling point.