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A&S Transportation

Customer-Centric Bus Transport Service in Singapore


A&S Transportation has established itself as a leading private transportation company in Singapore by consistently offering high levels of service excellence.

Our core business is in private bus hire, bus rentals, and bus chartering. Complementing these are our integrated businesses in bus advertising, wheelchair-accessible transportation, and bus tours.

At A&S Transportation, we believe in being customer-centric. This means we strive to create tailored private bus transportation solutions to meet the unique business needs of every customer.

Our uniformed drivers are trained to high standards to ensure our customers’ traveling experiences are safe and pleasant.

In recent years, we implemented a Live Monitoring GPS system to increase the reliability of our service. With this new system, the status of all buses on the road can be tracked in real time.

Effective use of technology is just one facet of our commitment to excellence. The fleet is regularly maintained, and round-the-clock customer service means you can reach us at any time should you encounter any problems with our services.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we take pride in upholding our core values and continually improving ourselves. We are committed to providing excellent service at reasonable rates for many more years to come.

Mr Zeph Ang
General Manager